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Liquid Motion FIl CIty under the Sea



It is the busiest, most densely populated city on earth. Real estate is scarce. Predators roam. Con artists rule the streets. There is a complete lack of law and order.
Families cohabit, living in colonies, packed tightly together. Squatters and Poachers are commonplace. The battle for food is a fact of daily life.
The city should be in chaos.
Yet a strange harmony reigns this lawless land.

From the acclaimed, award-winning Producers of 'The Reef' and 'Water Colours', comes another extraordinary story. An epic exploration of an underwater city, A story of love and honour, dedication and defeat. Of team efforts, unwritten codes of conduct and a communal commitment to peacefully co-exist.

Using highly specialised macro cinematography and rebreather equipment, the Filmmakers capture remarkable relationships of those so tiny they are lost and overlooked. From the penthouse sharks to microscopic seahorses in the basement, landlord to tenant, architect to street sweeper, each resident has a significance, and role in holding up the cities core.

Filmed over 3 years on remote location, this astonishing one off special is an eye opener, and a quest for the secret of peace, in a city where there should be chaos.



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