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..."Concept films that are different from usual….. Uniquely lovely footage - clearly a huge experience of the environment and animals…
- Doug Allen, BBC/Blue Planet

..."Nothing like this has ever been done before or experienced since the time of Cousteau..."

- Les Nouvelles de Versailles, PARIS

..."Some of the most beautiful and unusual work we’ve seen…"

- Gail Krueger, NOAA

..."Honestly, some of the most interesting and fascinating films I've ever seen (and I get through a fair few!). Well done!
- Andrew Raine, Editor/Reporter, Bermuda Sun Newspaper

..."Guy and Anita have pushed beyond all boundaries of interactive wildlife film-making. Their instinctive empathy for marine life is evident in the incredible wildlife footage they've managed to obtain. I'm certain their films will become classics of underwater film-making..."
- Nick Hanna, Journalist/Author, UK

..."I was enthralled with the underwater world the filmmakers captured. Editing perfect, narrator & script excellent, sound and music excellent – wonderful examples of animal behaviour depicted through colour..."
- Montana CINE Film Festival.Judging notes, USA

..."Really superb films with strong scientific underpinnings, beautiful music, and a compelling narration - How brilliant I found them to be!. Not only was the photography striking but the concepts are revolutionary…"
- Mark Madison, Ph.D., Biologist; Historian, American Conservation Film Festival/ U.S. Fish and Wildlife

..."BBC's Peter Scoones was absolutely blown away by ‘Beyond the Blue’, a popular choice for first place. Peter is the undisputed technological guru of underwater imaging, and was very impressed with this success in using special lights to show how corals have a strange and beautiful ability...."
- British Underwater Image Festival/British Photographic Society.

..."W-O-W... Impressive cinematography, with a unique, captivating approach to storytelling..."
-International Wildlife Film Festival IWFF Montana, USA

..."The use of Experts is good, it is beautifully shot, well edited, the music works well and the narrative arc carried well. Your passion for the subject, combined with your obvious academic and technical expertise shines through, producing very polished films...".
- Simon Willock, Distributor/SWIFT

..."Au jury il y avait que des spécialistes et vos images ont eu l'unanimité.."
- Leo Bakarte, Le Festival Europeen, FRANCE

..."Great sound elements and narration voice. Beautiful imagery - and at the same time very innovative and revolutionary conception. Big Bravo!!..."
- International Wildlife Film Festival FINLAND

..."The films are beautiful, the narrator's voice charming and the information educational and absolutely fascinating…”
- Roberta Salazar, Director, Rivers & Birds Film Festival, New Mexico…

..."I thought the films were fabulous, I couldn’t believe how unique and unusual they were!. You get a bit complacent looking at underwater footage after a number of years, but these were amazing.….exactly the kind of films the general public love..."
- Andy Shears, Director ScubaPro Uwatec Ltd

...."Opening sleepy eyes" and helping also scientists and researchers to unfold marine life's secrets. "Water Colors" really opened new horizons for science as well as underwater film making in order to study and understand underwater communication and marine life style! It's a very fascinating new chapter of science that will enrich peoples perception of life and color in general...
- Ilias Missyris, Wildlife Vaasa, Finland

..."Passionate & poetically compelling… striking photography, from a different perspective..."
- IWFF Montana USA

..."The ‘Cousteau’s’ of the 21st Century…”
- ‘Les Nouvelles De Versailles’ Newspaper, PARIS

..."I now understand why Film Festivals have been throwing prizes at you. You managed to coach and edit we scientists so well that we actually sounded intelligible - you're very talented Directors! I love your films and expect to be seeing fascinating projects and products from you for a long time".
- Dr. Hank Trapido-Rosenthal, Research Scientist, Center for Marine Microbial Ecology & Diversity, HAWAII

...."I found the film crew to be very charismatic, energetic and keen, great to work with, in a...'Jacques Cousteau kind of way'.. They were fascinating to work with and the issues they're addressing in the are relevant across the world..."
- Dr Ross Jones, BIOS BERMUDA

.."Your films were so well received, that we would like to plan a second screening at The City Hall Theater, with an even larger 'select' audience and a panel with Liquid Motion Film and key Research Scientists to field questions afterwards..."
- Alison Shadbolt, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

..."The Films were provocative and completely inspiring! I have never seen fish portrayed in such a way before! My perception of Marine Life is forever altered’.
- A. Phelan, Writer/Journalist, BONAIRE.

..."The underwater world is mystic and for many people an uncertain area, but why? We often do not know and do not understand all these marine animals. The efforts of the crew, their new, unique approach, the touchy, emotional moments and the tension of their innovative portrayals, to find out whether these animals feel, whether they enjoy, recognize, learn or remember…. All the aforesaid was for the jury the motivation to give ‘The Special Prize’ to Director Guy Chaumette, Producer Anita Chaumette”.
- Peter Van Der Wolf, CEO Netherlands PBS Broadcaster

..."The Bermuda Biological Station for Research was especially privileged to have Liquid Motion Film give a special Seminar on Scientific Photography; an excellent example of how image and video can be used to educate"
- Dr. James Wood, Research Scientist, Bermuda

...“The filmmakers are truly making the films ‘from the heart’. That's why we really wanted them here with us. When the Producers are sincere, the films emotive and you feel such strong emotion, they're for us…”
– Levent Arslan, International Film Festival Detmold, Germany.

...“(Water Colours is) a timely and unique portrayal of the fascinating and virtually unknown world of underwater colour communication,… a pioneering breakthrough in underwater communication and a landmark step towards improving our understanding in this field”…
- National Geographic Television International


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