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Liquid Motion Film Photo Media Underwater Productions Talking With Fishes

award-winning films liquidmotionfilm
award-winning films liquidmotionfilm

award-winning films liquidmotionfilm




At a time when man looks into the cosmos for new life forms, how much do we truly know about marine life? Are fish intelligent? Do they have feelings? Can they communicate?

We can mimic a dolphin, but can we imitate a shrimp? Can we act like a crab, behave like an eel, form an intricate and symbiotic relationship with a fish or a shark, to the extent that they accept us as part of their world? ‘Talking With Fishes’ is a fascinating quest to discover whether fishes have feelings and intelligence and an emotional story about trying to connect with them.

Living ‘alongside’ the marine life for over 4 years, one man develops a groundbreaking understanding and unique ability to bond with the fish. Learning their language by earning their trust, he encounters previously misunderstood daily habits and rituals, undocumented behaviour and symbioses, enchanting personalities and an extraordinary revelation that fishes can feel and enjoy, learn, recognise, remember and expect.

Filmed entirely in the wild, this is a dazzling, innovative portrayal of marine animals,... as they really are.


"The underwater world is mystic and for many people an uncertain area, but why? We often do not know and do not understand all these marine animals. The effort of the crew, the new, unique approach, the touchy, emotional moments and the tension of this innovative portrayal, to find out whether these animals feel, whether they enjoy, recognize, learn or remember…. All the aforesaid was for the jury the motivation to give ‘The Special Prize’ to “Talking with Fishes”...
- Peter Van Der Wolf, CEO Netherlands PBS/Broadcaster/Juror, Matsalu International Wildlife Film Festival

"Talking with Fishes" had its Australian Debut on Monday Evening.  It was an outstanding success with the audience exclaiming that they never thought what they had just viewed was "reality".  They were mesmerized!!!! Congratulations! Well done and well deserved!
- Bruce Bramhill, former World Sky-dive Champion, Australia

“I think you have done a remarkable job.
Your passion for the subject, combined with your obvious academic and technical expertise has shone through and produced a very polished film.
It is beautifully shot, well edited, the music works well and the narrative arc carried well.
The use of experts was good and your timing is perfect, Well done!”.
- Simon Willock, Distributor/Southern Star/SWIFT on ‘The Perfect Reef

Liquid Motion Film Photo Media Underwater Productions Talking With Fishes

"I was enthralled with the underwater world the filmmakers captured. Their goal was to illustrate the miracle of the reef and how delicately balanced its life is. They told the story well......", "The Narration was well done and fit the story-line. The Script was often beautiful, Poetic and informative. It matched the images and enhanced them (& Vice versa). The Presenters added to the story. They were unobtrusive and seemingly objective in their examination of the several issues concerning the plight of the reefs...."
- Montana CINE Film Festival; Judges Notes


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